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Welcome Probate Property Buyers – National Property Trade

At Probate Property Buyers, we specialise in purchasing probate property that has been left by someone who has passed away. Many people discover they have inherited property following someone’s death, and often it can be difficult to take on the home as your own. What may have been someone’s loving home and treasured possessions can often become a property in severe disrepair and full of old furniture and items that are of no use or value to you.

Often the previous owner has been unable to maintain their property, and therefore probate properties are notorious for being rundown, with many structural problems, damp, rot, subsidence and usually in desperate need of updating. This can not only be difficult due to the personal ties with the previous owner and the property, but also as it can become extremely costly.

Suddenly you have been left with a property, but also a huge responsibility to carry out essential repairs and maintenance. Much of this can put terrible pressure on you and your family, but at Probate Property Buyers we understand the difficulties you are likely to experience and are happy to discuss any concerns you have before arranging for someone to provide a valuation, and help you through the process to finalising the sale.

Therefore at Probate Property Buyers, we will take on the responsibility of purchasing your property and make the necessary repairs as well as disposing of any contents or furniture within it. People choose to sell their probate property for a number of reasons. This could be because you find it uncomfortable in the home of a person you may have been very close to, maybe the property has been left to more than one person to be divided or perhaps you don’t have the time or money to bring the property up to a required standard. We can therefore take all of your worries away by offering you a valuation on the property, with a view to refurbishing it ourselves. This allows you to take the value of the property and use it as you wish, whilst avoiding the difficulties that may arise with owning a probate property.


"We were so devastated after the loss of our dear mother that we didn’t know how to deal with the home she left to us. Probate Property Buyers were incredibly compassionate and understanding, and helped us at every stage in a very professional way. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future."

Philippa Anyon
"Probate Property Buyers were our first choice after a family friend highly recommended them. They treated us with dignity and respect and the process was straightforward and dealt with very quickly"

Richard Higham
"My husband and I didn’t realise the responsibility involved in maintaining our parent’s property following the inheritance. We felt we didn’t have the ability carry out the necessary repairs to bring it up to a standard necessary for sale. That is when we turned to Probate Property Buyers, which was the best decision we made. Highly recommended.” "

Mrs Margaret Engels